Tim White

Tim White  
Consulting Engineer
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Phone:- 02 8095 6433


Work Experience

Dr White’s professional experience covers 18 years in a wide variety of positions and environments. He has been employed in diverse roles including mechanic, fitter, machinist, condition-monitoring technician, welder, testing engineer and mechanical design engineer. Companies with whom Dr White has been employed include an international airline, resources
companies, motor racing teams and the public sector. 









 Crucial Facts about me

Dr White’s portfolio of work as an Expert Witness has included preparing reports and giving testimony in matters including:

• Automotive design and failure including engine, braking and suspension systems of cars and trucks.
• Industrial plant design, maintenance and failure.
• General mechanical design and operation including hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
• Patent assessment and investigation of infringement.
• Compliance and breaches of Australian Standards.
• Consultation in OHS matters including review of Risk Assessment documents and Safe Work Procedures.
• Insurance assessment of marine and road cargo.
• Engine design, performance and emissions testing (diesel and petrol engines).

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