Faq information

What does it cost to prepare a report?

Costs will vary from case to case. It depends where the accident happened and what is required in the report. We always provide quotes for approval before work is commenced.

Are there any limits to where Jamieson Foley will travel to attend an accident site?

Jamieson Foley will travel to all areas around Australia

My client has just had an accident, what should he/she do?

Take any relevant photos of the vehicle/s

Take any relevant photos of the accident site

Map out the resting positions of the vehicle/s

If in doubt or need help to preserve any evidence, we can be contacted for further assistance

Q: How are you able to determine the speed a vehicle was travelling when it crashes?

 Length of skid marks

 Depth of crush on vehicle

 Extent of injury to persons involved

 Witness statements

Q: What type of documents are helpful to prepare a report?

 Police Report

 Statements e.g. witnesses, victims, etc.

 Photos of the accident site

 Photos of the vehicle/s

 Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim Form

 Medical Reports

 Any details from a repairer, if the vehicle has been repaired

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