Our Approach

Our mission

"To provide the market with the highest quality of professional expert advice & practice in traffic engineering".

Our perspective 

We have gained respect through our perspective.
Our work for the councils, road authorities, architects, developers & the communities, gives us a better perspective & intimate understanding of the latest trends & events, it is this that underpins our commitment & perspective.
We have established an impeccable record for our objectivity, knowledge & factual reporting.


Your choice

One of the key reasons lawyers and underwriters choose Jamieson Foley & Associates when they need expert advice is our unrivalled reputation as the experts in road safety and in forensic engineering. Not surprisingly it’s a reputation we’re fiercely proud of and one we work hard to maintain.
Since commencing operations in 1989,
Jamieson Foley & Associates has delivered over 5000 forensic reports plus objective expert advice and research on all road safety issues.
We routinely investigate over 300 crashes per annum.
Our principal and key staff have amassed decades of experience in the road safety and transport planning disciplines. We continue to work in these fields and concurrently perform forensic investigations.


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