Our Expertise

Expert insight + expert resource = excellent value.

Over 80 years combined experience provides our Jamieson Foley team with an intimate insight into the field. This experience means our staff understands what to look for or how to go about organising a complex evaluation. Our clients benefit directly from this through significant time and cost savings. A further advantage to working with Jamieson Foley & Associates is how we present our information – in logical, factual, easily understood and cost-effective reports.

”Our goal is to provide the court with the facts via objective quality reports and evidence. We believe that our integrity and reputation is all important.”

Advanced computerised crash reconstructioncrash recon

Jamieson Foley & Associates was the first in Australia to install and operate state-of-the-art computer systems for the provision of forensic crash simulation and reconstruction. The HVE (Human Vehicle Environment) software generates complex three-dimensional environments, allowing researchers and investigators to reconstruct complex accident sequences involving humans and vehicles. This software can be used to visualise driving down a road before the road is built, but has many other applications outside of traffic engineering, e.g., 'walk through' visualisation of buildings or deciphering what has happened at an accident site/crime scene.

Crash database

Since inception in 1989, engineers at Jamieson Foley & Associates have investigated and reported over 5000 crashes. The data from these crashes, both quantitative and qualitative, has been compiled into Jamieson Foley’s unique database. Road authorities and underwriters everywhere collect and collate masses of data, particularly “mass crash” data, to support databasepolicy formulation. These databases generally concentrate on quantitative data, eg, how many crashes at one location, or day versus night crashes. The data fields include quantitative measurement and expert opinion on the three factors in any crash road, vehicle and driver, at all three stages, pre-crash, at impact and post-impact.

Our database has a number of applications:

a “memory bank” for Jamieson Foley engineers; particularly valuable for the collection of data and analysis of less-frequent type of crashes.

a compendium of forensic engineering precedents and validations for Jamieson Foley engineers; eg, the propensity of four-wheel drive vehicles with high centres of gravity to roll over in crashes.

a research tool for outside traffic safety analysts, to assist the broader community of scientists committed to improving traffic safety.

Jamieson Foley’s clients “tap into” this database every time a forensic crash investigation and report is requested from Jamieson Foley - adding immense value at no extra cost to the client.

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